We are bombarded with diet messages; this food is “clean”/junk, that restaurant is good/bad, eating at this time of day is healthy/unhealthy, you must change your weight for your health. 

Eventually, seeking the next diet fad makes us tired, discouraged, and feeling like giving up.

I will help you find freedom from the rules dictating your thoughts and decrease the impact that counting/weighing/measuring your macros/body/food have had on your eating behaviors.

Let’s kick the diet culture to the curb and start you on the path of nutrition your body is craving.

Your story and values are important to me. I am a non-judgmental, skilled listener who provides practical, scientifically sound, guidance toward your nutritional goals.

I’m here to help, and together we’ve got this.


Nutrition Therapy for Disordered Eating

Have you been diagnosed with or worry that you have anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or other form of disordered eating? Or maybe you don’t have an eating disorder, but your thoughts are consumed with food and eating, and you want to get help. Beth is certified as an eating disorders specialist and can help you find the road to recovery. She will work with your established interdisciplinary team or will help you find that specialist team as appropriate.


Nutrition Therapy for Weight Concerns

Concerned about your weight and sick of dieting? Beth will listen closely and help you learn what is keeping you stuck.  Beth uses a non-diet and mindfulness approach to guide your  steps to improve health using HAES (Health at Every Size) and Intuitive Eating concepts as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.


Nutrition Therapy for Medical Concerns

Do you have a medical diagnosis that you worry is affected by your weight such as PCOS or Diabetes?  You might be surprised to know that these conditions can often be improved without focusing on changing your weight.  Beth will guide you to your goals while taking focus off the number on the scale.


Virtual RD/Coaching

Beth is licensed in KS and MO and provides virtual medical nutrition therapy for clients residing in either state.  She can provide nutrition coaching virtually (after an initial in-person visit) for clients outside of KS and MO who are medically stable and who do not require medical nutrition therapy for malnutrition.


Plates of cupcakes
baskets of vegetables


Individual Nutrition Counseling

Initial Consultation 

$180 | Approximately 60-75 minutes; in person preferred 

Follow-Up (in person or virtual)

$75 | 25-minute follow-up

$150 | 50-minute follow-up 

Returning Client Appointment       (if greater than six months since last visit) 

$150 | Approximately 1 hour 


Family Nutrition Counseling

Initial Family Sessions | $340

For person plus support such as family members living in the same residence (i.e. spouses, parent/child). Approximately 1.5-2 hour, in person preferred and includes main supporters.

Follow-up Family  | $150

Approximately 50 minutes  (in person recommended)


Using Insurance with Nutrition Counseling 

Generally, nutrition services are not fully covered by insurance. In some cases, insurance will reimburse a percentage of the service if deemed medically necessary. Beth Harrell, LLC requires payment at the time of service. She will provide service receipts if you would like to seek reimbursement by self-filing. Many clients use a health savings type plan for nutrition therapy services. Beth reserves a selected number of openings for sliding scale fees – please contact Beth for availability.


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