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Beth Harrell, Nutritrionist


Beth is licensed for Medical Nutrition Therapy in Kansas and Missouri and available for coaching everywhere.

Virtual or in-person at ReNourish

102 SW 2nd Street
Lees Summit, MO, 64063

If you are ready to experience change in your relationship with food, contact Beth by email or phone to schedule an appointment.


Phone: 816-524-5432 x82


The decision to find a nutrition expert who can help you find freedom and restore balance to your relationship with food is an important one so I want to make the next steps easy to understand.

Contact Me

Call or email me and we will briefly discuss what has led you to reach out for help and how I can help with your nutrition goals. I often carry a waitlist but am happy to discuss referrals to like-minded nutritionists or discuss current waitlist timeframes.

Initial Assessment

The initial appointment takes about 1 hour. This assessment will allow us to evaluate your needs and goals in a more thorough manner.

Follow Up Appointments

Subsequent appointments are 25 minutes. In my experience, the best plan is to set an initial visit and 3 follow-up sessions, as close to weekly as possible to get started.

At the end of those sessions, together we will decide next steps; some choose to continue weekly for a bit longer, others are ready to spread appointments out some, while others might feel they are off to a good start and will call later if they want to check back in.

A Personal Approach

As a nutritionist I want to hear everything that you feel is important as it relates to food, eating and weight and the goals you have set. I use a variety of approaches to help you in the moment; handouts, visuals, analogies, podcasts or readings, as well as a recovery app for smartphones.

What we work on in our session depends on what you have set for your goals and what challenges you experienced since our last visit.

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