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Beth provides expert supervision and consultation for nutrition professionals who navigate the challenges of working with those with eating disorders or disordered eating. Whether you are an RD who is newer to the practice of working with disordered eating, or are a seasoned RD or CEDRD, Beth will skillfully guide you through your tough cases.  If you are pursuing Certification as an Eating Disorders specialist, as an iaedp™-Approved Supervisor, Beth can guide you through your ED cases and sign off on your supervision/consultation hours.




Beth has provided professional workshops and webinars around the country on various topics as well as smaller community venues and is available for your next educational opportunity.

See where Beth has been and a sampling of topics she is interested in:

  • Cancel (Diet) Culture, Truman State University, Dec 2022
  • Peebles, R, MD, Harrell, B, RD, Plotkin, M, MLS, No Weight Medical Care: A Weight-Neutral Approach International Conference for Eating Disorders June, 2021
  • Spotts-De Lazzer, A. MA, LMFT, LPCC, CEDS-S, Harrell,B MS, RD, LD, CEDRD-S, Kaplan, L. MD, CEDS, Klausner, S, PsyD, LMFT Stay In or Share Your Lane on the Scope of Practice Freeway?  Working in an Outpatient Multidisciplinary Team iaedpä symposium March 2021
  • Harrell, B, RD, Bagby-Stone, MD, S Webinar for School Nurses and Counselors, Lee’s Summit School District, January 2021
  • Harrell, B. Exploring Anorexia and Malnutrition in Larger Bodies; What is Atypical AN? MO Eating Disorders Council, December 2020.
  • Harrell, B, RD, Kilmer, J, MA, LPC Webinar – Lee’s Summit School District, April 2019 “Emotional Eating While Working at Home”.
  • Albertini, R, PhD, Harrell, B, MS, RD, Implicit Bias in the Treatment of Eating Disorders. ANAD Conference, Fall 2019 Chicago.
  • You’ve Got This; Early Identification and Treatment of Disordered Eating”. Beasley, T, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD-S and Harrell, B November 2019
  • Albertini, R, MBA, PHR, CAE, Harrell, B, MS, RD Working through Implicit Bias as a Treatment Professional National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) Conference Chicago Sept 2019
  • Goldschmidt, J, MS, RD, Harrell, B, MS, RD – Chalk vs Cheese – Eating Disorders and AutismAcademy of Nutrition Webinar June 2019
  • Harrell, B, RD Exploring Anorexia and Malnutrition in Larger Bodies Eating Disorders Coalition of Iowa (EDCI) Feb 2019
  • Weiss, J, PhD, Voss, M MD, Harrell, B, RD “But I’m Not Overweight” When Atypical Anorexia in Adolescents is Not So Atypical“ Palm Springs CA iaedpConference Feb 2019
  • Kronberg, S, MS, RD, Harrell, B, MS RD Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders Core Curriculum for Certification, Nevada 2017, Florida 2018, California, 2019
  • Moser, C, PsyD, Voss, Michaela, MD, Harrell, B, RD, Turpin, A MD. Transgender Youth and Eating Disorders: So Much Remains Unknown National Transhealth Summit Oakland CA Oct 2017
  • Harrell, B, RD, Gould, S. PhD What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt: The Importance of Care Coordination in Caring for Clients (and Yourself)  Eating Recovery Center Annual Conference Denver CO Aug, 2017
  • McConville, R, RD, CSSD, Harrell, B, RD When the Drive for Performance Goes Off-Road. Young Athletes Conference, Kansas City, April 2017
  • Harrell, B, RD – Eating Disorders for RDs working with Diabetes, Sports, GI, Three-part series webinar, Children’s Mercy Hospital KS Jul/Aug 2016
  • Harrell, B – Eating Disorders Do Not Discriminate – Lunch and Learn broadcast to multiple sites, Children’s Mercy Hospitals April 2016
  • Harrell, B, Pieper, K, PhD – Addressing Eating Disorders in Youth in the School Setting Shawnee Mission, KS School District Nurses – pre-k-12 Feb 2016
  • Harrell, B, RD and Gould, S, PhD The Power of the Team in Eating Disorder Treatment–Missouri Mental Health Spring Training Institute June 2015
  • Harrell, Eating Disorders: RDN as First Responder– Kansas Dietetic Association annual meeting March 2015, Wichita KS
  • Harrell, B, Lynch, D, MD, Harken, W MSW, Gould, S, PhD Medical Stabilization of Eating Disordered Patients – Presented for nurses and nurse aids working with ED pts March 2014
  • Harrell, B, and Mereghetti, M, RD Raising Healthy Eaters presented to community forum, Kansas City Oct 2013
  • Harrell, B, Pieper, K, PhD “Men and Eating Disorders” community forum Kansas City 2012
  • Harrell, BPediatric Forum for Dietetic Interns attending from multiple universities “Nutrition Care of Eating Disorders”– 2010-2018
  • Harrell, BModerator for Professional Book Club.– “Brave Girl Eating” Children’s Mercy Hospital, 2011
  • Harrell, B , Micsko, M PhD Medical Grand Rounds “Emotional Aspects of Bariatric Surgery” Olathe Medical Center – 2000
  • Harrell, B,Micsko, M PhD Diabetes Consortium on Disordered Eating Patternsin Diabetes– 1998
  • Harrell, BGirls Camp- 2 hour interactive workshop on Girl Power and Healthy Bodies
  • Harrell, B Kansas City Dietetics Association on Eating Disorders– 1995
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