“Can I Improve My Health Without Focusing on Dieting?”

If you type this question in a Google search, it will take at least seven pages before you would find a “yes” to the question about weight and health. If you ask my clients, and clients of those who specialize in weigh-neutral work, you don’t need to go far at all.

You see, we have been told that weight impacts health more than any other factor. That is why the diet industry is now worth $72 billion per year, up from $10 billion in 1980. Narrow-focused science has led people to believe that if they control their weight, they control health. While that may be true on the far ends of the spectrum, this is not true for the majority.

What I witness with my clients is the fallout of multiple diets that have lead to short term changes, followed by feelings of failure when those changes don’t last or when they lose control of eating. This happens in bodies of all sizes, weights, and shapes.

Have you heard of weight-neutral health? It is an approach backed by science that dispels the myth that achieving a thinner body is the answer to most of your health concerns. This reduced focus on weight allows freedom to explore food behaviors out of curiosity rather than guilt.

If you have a health condition such as diabetes, PCOS, Binge Eating Disorder or disordered eating, and you’re ready to feel peace around food, eating, and body weight stresses, let’s work together. You’ll be glad you did.

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