Ivy is one of the many women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) who has decided to stop being at war with their bodies (and minds) with restrictive diets.

What starts as an effort to reach their best health turns into a full on battle that ultimately has the opposite effect on health.

“I wish people understood that PCOS is not caused by weight or by carbs” says Caroline Dooner, author of “The F*ck it Diet” and genetically slender person diagnosed with PCOS at age 14. “Weight is not the enemy and we need to be befriending our bodies.” Caroline describes the years of dieting and bingeing that started with the diagnosis and recommendation to “Just diet. Just watch your carbs and your weight.” She understands why. “We want the illusion of control that we can reverse this.”

Kimmie Singh, a nutrition expert and person with PCOS knows that although her diagnosis is genetic, she and other continue to experience weight-shaming from a culture that blames many problems on weight. She worries how many woman have lived their entire lives thinking they caused their PCOS.

Carbs and weight are not the enemy. You can be at peace with your body while managing your health.

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